Wednesday, 9 October 2013

After the Wedding...

Wow, guys! It's been just over a whole month since the Mr and I got married - how quickly time flies, eh? Married life is pretty much the same as the life before, although the novelty of calling each other 'husband' and 'wife' has still not worn off yet! ;)

For anyone wondering how it went, it went beautifully. I truly could not have hoped for it to have gone better, everyone was just so helpful and loving and positive, it was truly heartwarming to be part of it. The collective feeling of so much love enveloping you was the most amazing experience. The weather was a bit touch-and-go but it came through in the end and we had the most gorgeous sunny afternoon for our wedding. We had the ceremony outside as planned, under the trees with Chichester creek as our backdrop. The tide was in and the water was glittering, with boats bobbing along quietly in the distance. The trees were swaying above us in the breeze, the bunting fluttered lazily, silver hearts glinted and gleamed in the light. It was magical!

We bathed in the sunlight of summer's last fling as we sipped prosecco on the lawn, took photographs amidst the trees and by the blue waters of the harbour. When it was time for dinner, we entered the marquee to applause and cheers, took our seats and had the most tasty meal of tapas and paella to the music of Buena Vista Social Club. (On an iPod, obviously, not the actual band - what am I, a millionaire?!) I think everyone enjoyed it, I hope they were at the very least able to share our love and appreciation of Spanish food even if they would have preferred more...traditional.. fare. I did my speech, as planned, which was very nerve-wracking, and I did have a bit of a wobbly voice a couple of times where I was fighting back tears, but I also made people laugh and a few people cry so I think I got away with it! :) Dean did his best man speech and even managed to get a few words from our friend Sam in there all the way from China, which was so sweet, he did really well. My Dad even said a little speech, which was a total surprise and rather adorable, bless him.

After speeches, we all had cake (and boy did we have cake!) The cupcakes I made went down rather well, as did the chocolate gluten-free cake, and Amanda did an amazing job with the big cake she made for us; it was gorgeous inside and out. After cake, our beautiful friends and family moved the tables to the sides, the bar got set up and we got the music turned up so we could have a boogie! I popped back into the cottage to change into my skeleton print 50s dress and my dancing shoes, and then it was quite late so people started to make their way on their journeys homeward. I had a dance with my Dad, probably for the first time since I was a child, and not one but TWO dances with the husband for the first. Time. Ever. He was so incredibly shy about being watched when he danced that we had a spontaneous first dance to Al Green's 'Let's Get Together' and then later, when there were but a few guests watching, we did our proper slow dance to 'our' song... 'Unintended' by Muse. In the end, there was just me and the husband, the best man and his wife, our usher Rich and my mum and stepdad (how rock and roll are they!?) left. We were all dancing like lunatics until gone 1am, it was the most amazing fun and the perfect end to a perfect day.

I have learnt a lot from the past couple of years of planning and I hope to share my advice and tips with anyone else out there who comes across some of the same situations or dilemmas as myself. Now that the wedding is over, I'll be doing several posts about each part of the wedding planning process and my findings and I'll also be working on some more DIY tutorials for some of the projects I undertook so that any crafty types can have a go.

And speaking of crafting and whatnot, super duper exciting....I've started a small business: Boho Buttons! After making my bouquet, the bridesmaids' bouquets and all the buttonholes from vintage buttons and felt, I had a lot of friends and family members suggesting I make them for other people. So I've started up a little Etsy shop and made myself a website and off I go into the big, bad world! Please, won't you join me?

If you're interested in my buttony adventures, please do join me on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you, lovelies!

I will return with a proper post about the wedding very soon! For now, here's a quick pic of us as we walked back down the aisle together as "Mr and Mrs" to Bob Marley's 'Is this Love'...

Happy Days! xxx


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