Friday, 14 June 2013


I haven't baked for a couple of months, but was recently asked by a friend to make some cupcakes for her husband's birthday, as they are coming to stay with us this weekend. I made their wedding cupcakes when they got married last year and they came back for more! The birthday boy is the Best Man at our wedding in September as well, so of course I gladly obliged.

Me getting my bake on:

I was given free reign over decoration, but the flavour had to be chocolate. Chocolate with more chocolate! So, I did my usual chocolate cupcakes (slightly modified from the Hummingbird Bakery's Devil Food Cake recipe, and for the chocolate buttercream I used a trusted old favourite recipe from The Primrose Bakery book. I like it because it produces a very rich buttercream (it uses nearly a whole pat of butter and just under 200g of melted 70% chocolate! But I try not to think about the calories..) and it pipes like a dream! It's light, almost mousse-like in consistency, which goes well with the soft, fudgey texture of the cakes.

Here they are, all finished. I used some fresh strawberries and white chocolate shavings as I have 2 full punnets of strawbs in the fridge that needed some love, and then the others were decorated with some of the sprinkles in my current arsenal - chocolate vermicelli, chocolate hearts and a few kitch cakes with some hundreds and thousands and wafer daisies for a bit of fun.

He won't see these until tomorrow so now I just have to focus on preventing the husband-to-be eating any of them before then! :-)


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